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          Good News! No, great news! We are excited to offer a new, 100% natural weed killer - FIESTA™. No longer do you have to look out your window and see a lawn with more yellow blossoms than green grass. Ever since our provincial government banned the typical weed killers used in days past, our turf areas have been infested with weeds and dandelions. This new natural weed control product will help to change that!  Viva la Fiesta™!

FIESTA LAWN WEED KILLER: Natures "New" Answer For Weed Control

Finally, We Can Help You Reduce Those Pesky Weeds

If you prefer green grass over yellow weeds - give FIESTA™ a try!

     Results from our first few seasons using Fiesta™ are promising. We were able to achieve great results controlling dandelions, with minimal dandelion re-growth. Other weeds such as clover, plantain, thistle showed varying degrees of control - along with varying degrees of re-growth. However, based on the fact that Fiesta™ is our only opportunity to keep weeds in check - our customers have been pleased with the results. Call us today to add Fiesta™ to your lawn care program and have your dandelions and weeds treated with this exciting new, natural weed control product. Remember, for optimum weed control, multiple Fiesta™ applications are required.

Call us today to add Fiesta™ Natural Weed Control to your lawn care program!

"Because We Care ... We Create Beautiful Landscapes"

     Fiesta™ is 100% natural - and is composed of chelated iron - a micronutrient that occurs in nature. Recently, manufactures have been able to produce a version of this chelated iron that kills a wide variety of broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, clover, thistle, chickweed, and many other weeds. Fiesta™ is fast acting, killing some weeds within days, without any unpleasant odour, and is totally safe for children and pets playing on your lawn as soon as the application is dry.


Here are the benefits that FIESTA™ Lawn Weed Killer can offer:


· FIESTA™ works fast, starting within hours and killing weeds within days

· Kills a wide variety of broadleaf lawn weeds & moss

· Derived from iron, which naturally occurs in nature

· Very safe – children & pets can enter area once spray is dry

· Water based – has no unpleasant odor

· Rain-fast within 3 hours – no worries about reduced effectiveness

· Works in cool or warm weather - for early spring or late fall applications

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