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     Alfalfa has long been used as a feed crop for livestock -  at times being branded the “Queen Of Forages” - due to it’s rich content of protein, nutrients, minerals and energy. Alfalfa has also long been used by growers and gardeners, who praise it’s ability to super-charge their plants and increase yields in garden crops. Rose growers and vegetable farmers have shown dramatic results by incorporating Alfalfa into their fertilization and soil amendment programs. And recently, manufactures have begun providing Alfalfa in a form that can be utilized by turf care professionals - with the same spectacular results!

     This all natural lawn and soil amendment provides a wide range of micronutrients to feed your turf, much like taking a multi-vitamin to stay healthier. Typical fertilizers don’t provide enough calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals that can make a big difference for stronger, healthier, greener grass plants. Alfalfa is rich in these - and many other nutrients. And because Alfalfa is 100% natural, it is completely safe for children and pets.

ALFALFA: Micronutrient, Bio-Root Stimulant & Stress Reducer

What Is Alfalfa?

Rich In Micronutrients

     What makes Alfalfa unique - is a natural Bio-Stimulant it contains - called “triacontonol”. This plant growth promoter has been called “the most potent growth hormone ever seen in plants”, supported with tests conducted by the International Society Of Horticulture Science.  Triacontonol will encourage your grass to grow a deeper, stronger root system. Stronger roots give you a stronger lawn - a lawn that will be better able to choke out weeds and resist damage from insects and disease. And let’s not forget that deeper green color.

Bio-Root Stimulant

     All of us have seen what can happen to our lawn during the heat of the summer if it’s left to it’s own. The dry, brown parched appearance is typical during July and August. And lo & behold, we begin to notice the grass coming back to life in the fall once rainfall and cooler temperatures return.  What many don't realize, is your lawn - is the severe stress your lawn went through - and the damaging effects that stress had on your turf. Drought stress thins and shrinks your turf density - allowing weeds a better opportunity to take hold. Insects and diseases naturally attack and damage weaker grass plants. Not a good diagnosis for your lawn.


     Alfalfa’s capability to increase root growth gives your lawn a powerful fighting chance under the strain of the hot summer sun. Those deep, strong roots will help avoid the stresses from summer heat and drought conditions. Furthermore, the natural organic composition of Alfalfa gives the soil under your lawn an enrichment boost - stimulating microbial activity - allowing even more of the powerful micronutrients to be made available to the lawn to absorb.

Natures Prescription For Turf Stress Reduction

Take heed with what some of the experts are saying … Alfalfa can be one of the most vital additions to your lawn & gardens!

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