Your water garden can be just like having the cottage in your backyard

Plants, trees, patio, pond, and colorful plants.

How peaceful - how tranquil

Consider incorporating a nearby sitting area to enhance the enjoyment of your water garden.

Larger waterfall and pond with fountain

nozzle created using white cubicle rockery

Slopes make an ideal location for waterfalls and rockery gardens

The choice of plant selections around your water garden is vitally important, as these Ornamental Grasses show.Wouldn't it be nice to sit out in your back yard, listening to the gentle trickle of your water fall?Does your yard have a hill or slope that you just can't do anything with?Slopes provide the best opportunity for waterfalls.

A little corner in your back yard can be transformed into a natural show piece

Water Lilies not only add wonderful color to your pond, but provide much needed shading to help maintain water clarity and shelter for your fish.

No pond is complete without the elegant beauty of flowering water lilies

Text Box: Photo Gallery 2"Because We Care ... We Create Beautiful Landscapes"The fountain nozzle spraying in the centre adds a nice touch to this pond.

This water feature utilizes a formal

design approach

The gentle sound of splashing water provides a soothing, relaxing back yard atmosphere

Perennials, flowering shrubs & rockery accentuate this natural koi pond

Why not experiment with your pond in the winter...try leaving your pump in for an interesting "icicle" effect on the waterfall.

Flagstone sitting patio, emerald cedar backdrop, and multi-level fountain

Water Fountains offer another interesting alternative for your garden.

Natural flagstone, mossy rocks perennials and dwarf Sumac truly add to the rustic character of this patio-side water feature

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