Steps can provide another opportunity to utilize design and layout ideas that will enhance the look of your home.Many yards have severe grade changes and "drop-offs" - here is one way to utlize the grade changes to expand your useable landscape areas.Sunken driveways pose some unique challenges, but also unique opportunties for interesting design ideas.An attractive retaining wall and step combination offorded these homeowners a gorgeous patio that they would not have otherwise been able to have.A raised garden edge adds dramatic depth and character to your yard.Function and beautiful - why settle for anything less for your steps and retaining walls.What was once an unsightly set of square timber steps leading to this front door, quickly transformed into a gorgeous entrance to the this situation, the retaining wall is providing the primary suport for the front entrance, and the rockery stones providing an attractive secondary support system.Don't be limited in thinking that your "small" yard spaces are limiting your design choices.Subtle grade changes can be easily corrected using a wide variety of retainer materials.The choice of materials in your landscape project truly determines the final ambience for your property.

Do you have a corner of your yard that you just can’t use because of the grade slope?

Your sunken driveway can be an attractive focal point to your home

Tough slopes? No problem!

We can help you regain your yard space

Transform your front steps into an

attractive entrance feature

Stairs, planter and decorative railing safely enhance this elevated front entrance

Large retaining walls require specific, detailed installation methods to ensure they will continue supporting for years to come - choose Underhill's to ensure YOUR wall installation is done right!

Large scale retaining wall installed using

Geo-Grid retention system

Design layout choices are endless when working with elevation changes

Heavy duty “Sonoma” blocks provide an attractive, yet sturdy sunken driveway wall

Rockery stones can be used with retaining walls for an attractive combination

This design incorporates a nook to store and hide those unsightly garbage bins

Small” spaces can offer opportunity

for “big” design ideas

Even the most difficult slopes can be tamed with a proper retaining wall installation

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