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    Beneficial Nematodes are aggressive microscopic worms that occur naturally in the soil, and actively seek out white grubs and leatherjacket larvae. Once the nematode finds a grub or larvae, it penetrates the grub body and releases a bacteria, causing the grub/larvae to die within a couple of weeks. The nematodes feed off and reproduce rapidly within the dead insect, ultimately releasing a generation of hundreds of thousands of new nematodes which disperse out in search of further prey.


     Beneficial Nematodes are 100% safe and harmless to people, pets, birds, lawns and gardens. These nematodes only affect white grubs, leatherjackets, sod webworms leaving other beneficial organisms like earthworms & lady bugs unaffected. People and pets can play on the lawn immediately after nematode application.


     While previous grub control products provided the luxury of excellent control of white grubs, we all must re-adjust our approach and expectations on how well beneficial nematodes can “manage” our grub & leatherjacket infestations. Only under ideal conditions can we  hope to reduce further grub damage. We will be adjusting our application techniques and schedules, and our customers must play an ever more proactive role in order to achieve ideal conditions for effective grub infestation management.

     Nematodes require a very moist lawn. Customers will be asked to thoroughly water their lawn BEFORE the application, and again during the days AFTER application. Insufficient watering will dramatically reduce nematode effectiveness. Allowing your nematodes to dry out on hot, dry soil will be a waste of your money. By maintaining diligent, thorough daily watering BEFORE and  in the week AFTER application, you can expect a reasonable reduction in your white grub infestation - and the corresponding lawn damage. However, even under these ideal conditions, additional nematode treatments may be suggested to achieve optimal results.

What are “Naturally Occurring Beneficial Nematodes”?

Ideal Nematode Application Conditions:

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