†††† Water Gardening is quickly becoming a very popular and enjoyable addition to our landscapes. Water features can take on many forms, from a small container water garden on your deck, patio or balcony to a larger pond complete with waterfall, fountains, and underwater lights. Add a variety of water plants, gold fish or Koi, snails, clams, and frogs, and you have a complete natural water garden environment to enjoy for years to come.

†††† Imagine sitting on the edge of your backyard pond, listening to the soothing sound of water cascading over rocks and splashing into pond, while you hand feed a group of colorful Koi and Gold Fish. You didnít even notice it at first, but two frogs sit quietly in the setting sun on top of† your lily pads. A gentle breeze brings you the sweet perfume from your lily blossoms. Although these blossoms will close as dusk sets in, you anxiously await the opening of your tropical night blooming lilies, which will be illuminated by the floating low voltage pond light. Ahhhhh, how peaceful and relaxing.....


The Therapeutic Value of a Water Garden

Water Gardening is Not That Difficult

†††† The key to successful water gardening is establishing and maintaining a proper balance for the natural water environment you are creating. This balance is achieved with the proper mix of† filtration, water plants, fish, and/or other pond critters, resulting in clear water conditions and a healthy environment for your critters. Improper pond balance results in soupy, murky water which is difficult to get rid of, not to mention unhealthy for your fish.

†††† Whether it is a small Container Water Feature, or multi-level pond with water falls, we can help you. We have the experience to help you establish that important balance in your water garden, and the services to help you maintain that balance over the years. We will suggest the right filtration, the right mix of oxygenating plants, the proper amount of floating plants for shading, proper pond sizing to allow you to easily overwinter your fish, and many other tidbits of† helpful advice.

Hardy Water Lillies can not only give your pond beautiful color all summer long - but they are a MUST for water shading and algea prevention!Tropical Water Lily and feathery Parrots Feather - two favourite water plants.

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