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     Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy requires more than just good growing conditions and proper fertilization. An essential part of a plant maintenance program is pruning. Although trees and bushes in the natural forest do quite well without any maintenance, urban landscape trees and shrubs require a higher level of care to maintain their aesthetic appeal and safety.

     Proper  pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrubs, while improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce the plant’s landscape potential. Common reasons for pruning are to enhance the shape of the tree, to remove dead branches, to remove crowded or rubbing limbs. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown, or to the lawn or gardens below. Thinning the crown to allow air and light penetration can reduce susceptibility to various diseases and encourages overall healthier growth. Fruit trees benefit from regular pruning by producing a better fruit crop. Some flowering shrubs show their best color displays when properly pruned at the right time of the year. Of course, pruning may be required to remove any potentially hazardous limbs that may be a threat to the safety of where we live, work or play.

Reasons For Pruning & Trimming

Stump Grinding

Tree Removal

     There will be times when we will suggest that a tree needs to be taken down completely. Perhaps the health of the tree has been impaired so much that any measures to restore it’s health are futile. Perhaps the tree has been structurally weakened or damaged by severe weather conditions. Or perhaps it simply has outgrown the space in which it was planted long ago. What ever the reason, taking a large tree down requires proper techniques and experience to be able to do it safely.

                  Call a professional to remove your tree—call Underhill’s.

     After your tree has been taken down, that big ole stump has to be dealt with. We can help. We will grind the stump, well below the surface, roots and all. Then we clean out all the chips and debris left from the stump. Finally, we either lay new top soil and sod over the stump area, or install new garden soils, or any other landscape treatment you require.

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Tree & Shrub
Care Tips

     When is the proper time to prune trees or shrubs? That is a common question we get all the time. And there is no one set answer. Different trees and shrubs should be pruned at different times of the year. For example, fruit trees are generally pruned during the dormant  late winter or early spring periods if encouraging better fruit growth is the objective. Most deciduous landscape trees also benefit from a pruning at this time of the year, but also respond well when pruned at other times of the year. Tip pruning coniferous trees and shrubs for general shaping is generally done during the late spring and early summer when the new shoots are not yet mature. Flowering shrubs, if pruned before their normal bloom time, will not produce a color show that year. The trick is to know each plant, its growth habit, and to schedule the pruning at the appropriate time for that plant. At Underhill’s, we will let you know what pruning schedule is best for your trees and shrubs.

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