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     Let’s face it. The dog days of summer - while enjoyable for the sun-tanning warmth - can wreak havoc on our lawns. Those hot, humid days force us to turn our sprinklers on more frequently so our grass doesn’t dry out. Many turf diseases come alive during the summer months causing more browning and grass damage. And of course, Chinch Bugs thrive during the heat of summer. Add all this up, and it is no wonder our lawns take a beating during the summer heat. While we are no longer able to individually stop each of theses threats, what we can do is give your lawn a fighting chance to withstand the stress pressures that the summer brings on.

     Our Super Green Turf Rejuvenator can give your lawn that little extra fighting chance during the tough summer months. By adding extra micronutrients and natural oils to the turf, this treatment gives your lawn a shot-in-the-arm to better stand up to the stresses caused by heat, diseases and chinch bugs - and allows your lawn to recover faster from these stresses.

Summer Lawn Stress Comes From Heat, Humidity & Insects

Summer Can Be Tough On Turf!

Chinch Bugs pose the biggest summer threat to our lawns!

Your Lawn Can Get A “Super Green” Boost

     We have liked what Super Green has done for our customers lawns over the past number of years, so we chose to build it in to every lawn care program we offer. These days, when we don’t have the capability to eliminate bugs or diseases - Super Green Turf Rejuvenator gives each & every one of our customer’s Lawn Programs an “all natural” boost to resist turf damage that can be so common over the summer months.  For the greenest lawn on the street - even during the summer stress months -  Contact us to book one of our “Super Green” Lawn Care Programs today!

Super Green Turf Rejuvenator - Now In Every Program

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